New participants are welcome to join this year's training in Germany, starting July 18-23, 2017

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What is Rebalancing Massage Bodywork?

Rebalancing is powerful form of bodywork developed in the 1980s in India, combining body awareness work and deep tissue massage. The focus of the work is to bring people back into harmony with themselves, so they can live their essence from a balanced place in their body and being. Hence the name Rebalancing. Rebalancing bodywork works with a unique synthesis of deep and soft connective tissue manipulation, fascial reorganization, joint release, energy and breath work, body reading, body awareness training, as well as emotions and their expression.

As the body releases muscular rigidities and relaxes, energy is set free. At the same time old and unconscious emotional and mental attitudes and patterns which imprison us, can come into our awareness so they can be released.

About 450 students have graduated from our training, and most of them are making their living from Rebalancing Sessions.

Introduction Miniworkshops, Events


These events begin at 20:30 at the biohotel Gutshaus Stellshagen, Lindenstr. 1, 23948 Stellshagen.

18.3.2017: Rebalancing die Kraft bewusster Berührung (Demo und Einführung)
20.4.2017: Sanfte Gelenkmobilisation( praktische Einführung)
18.5.2017: Rebalancing die Kraft bewusster Berührung(Demo und Einführung)
13.7.2017: Yoga und Massage(Praktische Einführung)
12.10.2017: Einführung in Stille und aktive Meditation
9.11.2017: Rebalancing die Kraft bewusster Berührung(Demo und Einführung).
For further inquiries phone 038825 23673.


24.June 2017, Free Intro Day for Training, in Wetzikon close to Zürich, for information phone: +41 33 676 26 76.


October or November 2017, Rebalancing Intro Weekend in Mauz, Reichenberger Str. 29, 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg. Phone Salila 0160 1529189 rebalancing info


The Rebalancing Massage Training:

The Rebalancing Team which owns the Rebalancing Institute, and taught the training in Pune, India from 1996-2003 is currently running a training in N. Germany. They will be offering the next Rebalancing Massage Professional Training starting April 2017. Neeten Manfred Hendrich, and Salila Elenore Fuchs will be heading the Rebalancing Trainings in both the newly renovated Gutshaus Parin (close to the Gutshaus Stellshagen), in the North of Germany, and also the Training in Switzerland.

There is a fully accredited training in Switzerland. View details Swiss Training > on the Kientalerhof website. Phone: +41 33 676 26 76

Swiss Training

View the brochure PDF for the Swiss Training.
September 18 Part I of next training begins in Kientalerhof, Switzerland.

Download Method Identification of the Rebalancing Verbandes Schweiz, Kientalerhof for the Swiss Training.

NEW: There is a new fully accredited advanced training in Switzerland called Befreite Faszien Training for Bodyworkers on the dates 26.6.-29-6.2017. Phone: +41 33 676 26 76 for details.

Befreite Faszien Training description » | Online Registration » (Kientalerhof website)


Rebalancing Training dates: .

Training Dates Germany:

First Year:
Part 1   04.04. – 09.04.2017
Part 2   18.07. – 23.07.2017
Part 3   10.10. – 15.10.2017

Second Year:
Part 4    03.04. – 08.04.2018
Part 5    17.07. – 22.07.2018
Part 6    17.10. – 21.10.2018
Part 7    10.04. – 14.04.2019


New Training Switzerland:

First Year:
Part 1   18.09.-24.09.2017
Part 2   04.12-10.12.2017
Part 3   23.04.-29.04.2018

Third Year:
Part 8     09.12.-15.12.2019
Part 9     20.04.-26.04.2020
Part 10   07.09.-13.09.2020

Second Year:
Part 4    13.08-19.08.2018
Part 5    03.12-09.12.2018
Part 6    29.04.-05.05.2019
Part 7    12.08.-18.08.2019


Current Training Switzerland:

First Year:
Part 1   16.05-22.05.2016
Part 2   12.09-18.09.2016
Part 3   12.12-18.12.2016

Third Year:
Part 8     18.06-24.06-2018
Part 9     24.09-30.09.2018
Part 10   25.02-03.03.2019

Second Year:
Part 4    27.02-05.03.2017
Part 5    25.09-01.10.2017
Part 6    11.12-17.12.2017
Part 7    05.03-11.03.2018


Advanced Training Switzerland:

Befreite Faszien Training for Bodyworkers from 26.6.-29-6.2017