Rebalancing Ausbildung Studenten Erfahrungen

Hier sind einige Kommentare von Absolventen der Rebalancing Trainings von Neeten und Salila.

Rebalancing Training Graduate Sabine

Sabine (Portugal)
Rebalancing Training, 2014

These 2 years of Rebalancing training have been a very special time in my life. A gift to myself. Each time I would go to Parin for a training I was as happy and excited as I were going on a journey. It was indeed a journey of a never ending beautiful discovery.

When I arrived in Parin the first day, I was amazed by the beauty of nature. And then, during all this training I was overwhelmed by beauty, the beauty of the landscape, the beauty of this teaching and the beauty of the people I met, Salila and Neeten and the students. These hills all around Parin and Stellshagen are gentle. I was surrounded by gentleness and this feeling of being nestled helped me to go deeper, to experience peace. This journey for me was about meeting myself and the others, listening to myself and to the others, being more aware, more alive. Being conscious, loving and healing.

On a practical level, I always appreciated the way Salila and Neeten have to teach. There is no dogma. The dialogue is always wide open with respect. Their teaching is more a matter of sharing their knowledge and experience. It's not only about technique, but a whole way of living including meditation and initiation to psycho body therapies.

So they open the doors of a whole world. Then you make your own path.

And the Gutshaus Parin itself is a little paradise, where the veggie organic food is just a delight with a warm sense of hospitality. I feel lots of gratitude for this training.

Rebalancing Training Graduate Prem

Premrita (Israel)
Rebalancing Training, 2002

Participating in the rebalancing training is the best gift I gave to myself.

I discovered that the body is the gate inwards to my deepest feelings and sensations through creating more freedom , expansion and trust in my body. I feel that thanks to the rebalancing training I now have a deeper connection to my body, and the ability to bring more awareness to my body, my mind, and my movement while giving session. I also learned to appreciate my body , to trust my hands and to use my intuition .

I learned through being aware to the judgments I have on myself, to see what each client reflects and shows me on my own growth process, how to work with my breath and how to "fall" energetically to the client. And how through breath and the power of imagination one can touch deeply into the source of tension and release it.

And mainly I discovered the deep meditation and quality of my presence that is a healing force for me and for the client.

Rebalancing Training Graduate Artha

Artha (Holland)
Rebalancing Training, 1999

I got to know rebalancing during my first massageschool where it was one of many different 'techniques' I immediately felt 'this is different', I like this! So a couple of years later i went for the full training in Pune with Salila and Neeten and three other teachers. The words that come to me to tell what i liked so much are the loving and respectful way to be with another person.

The training itself was lifechanging to me. It was an intense process that shook everything from its place.

I ended the training in 1999 and I continued working with people in Utrecht, Holland. The sessions i give since i ended the training are more and more purely rebalancing, because i love this way of work. I also work with children and my sessions with them are more suitable for the soft bodies of children. The beauty of rebalancing to me is that there are so many layers to the 'techniques'. every time I can learn more on another level.

Rebalancing Training Graduate Gal

Gal Kali (Israel)
Rebalancing Training, 2004

Begin with the body. During the sharing session of the training's first day, I told Salila that I don't like to talk about my feelings, and I don't see the need for it.

She smiled and waited patiently. Only at the eighth day of the training did I understand that body is just the beginning. I could see, feel and understand how working on my legs brings up that kind of emotional response, which was hidden there for a long time. Salila, gently, softly and smartly, helped me see that. The transformation has begun. By the end of the training, I knew a lot about treating people, but I knew more about who is the person that is treating them.

I have been treating people with Rebalancing for the last 5 years, and I have continued to walk my own path of personal growth, the one that began on the training. Let's end with the body: After having my body touched by a Rebalancer, I wouldn't have it any other way. Be careful, it's addictive . . .

Rebalancing Training Graduate Supriya

Supriya (Germany)
Rebalancing Training, 2001

I never consciously decided to become a bodyworker. I was sent into Rebalancing sessions by a therapist to come back into touch with my body and like this stop being violent with myself. The sessions had such a stunning effect on me, that I decided to go through the whole process by doing the entire training.

It was a journey through ups and downs. Intense, but very beautiful and always hold securely by the staff. My body changed throughout the 3 months as well as my mind and my inner belief system. I encountered intense emotions and also moments of joy and empowerment when I had the courage to stay, look and move through difficulties. I not only learned a technique, I learned a lot about myself and healed a lot in myself.

Training Graduate

Agyana (Taiwan)
Rebalancing Training, 2006

I took Neeten's Rebalancing training in Taiwan in 2006 for the first time. Last year and this year, I reviewed the training again. This year, I got the passion to give a session again after stopping for a few months. Through the training, I found a easier and more effective way to give a session. There are more advantages as below:

Love, Agyana