Rebalancing Training

The training, also known as the Osho Rebalancing Bodywork Training is a self-transformational process, as well as a professional training in holistic bodywork. During the first year you will learn to systematically free the body from tensions and constrictions, so to allow the body itself to reorganize. This process brings more grace and ease of movement, a realignement of the posture and opens the door to stillness. You will begin to learn how to use your own body as an instument for healing and growth. We are learning to work in a meditative way through touching and being touched. Through an energtic process to open the body and group sharing, the training can become a growth journey, during which the individual will find support in a loving and accepting atmosphere.

During the second year we will introduce the Neo Reichian Bodywork approach, awareness in movement, and deepen communication strategies while continuing to work with touch and completing the 10 session format.

Berlin Rebalancing Intro Weekend

26.-27. Mai 2018, Rebalancing Intro Weekend in Osteopathisches Zentrum, Stresemannstr. 21, 2. Hof. 3. OG, 10963 Berlin.
Phone Salila 0160 1529189 rebalancing info

Swiss Training

Rebalancing Fortbildung 2018
Rebalancing und die Kraft unserer Intuition

24., 25. März 2018 in Bern, Schweiz

Jeder praktizierende Rebalancer wird im Laufe seiner Praxis mit angenehmen und berührenden, aber auch schwierigen Klienten und mit fordernden Sessions konfrontiert. Daher ist es wichtig, auf Ressourcen zurückgreifen zu können, die uns dabei zur Verfügung stehen können. fortbildung info

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Download Method Identification of the Rebalancing Verbandes Schweiz..


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Cost and Registration for the Training

Total time for the training is 40 days. The (app.) cost for the training per day is EUR90, the total is EUR 3,600 (does not include accommodation). Please phone us to register, (+49) 0160 1529 189, or (+49) 038825 23673). Or, begin your registration online here. After your registration process has begun, we will send you the registration forms via post, which you will then fill out and send back to us. More information about the Training registration here >

The Technique

In Rebalancing Training we draw from several modalities:

  1. Soft, deep tissue manipulation and fascia release. We are freeing tensions in the muscles, through deep, slow and skillful strokes, which are carried out with great ease.
  2. Joint Release. This is a mobilisation of the joints to remind the body of it's grace in movement. Tensions and toxins which are held in the joints are released in this way.
  3. Breath and Energy Work
  4. Cranio Sacral Bodywork
  5. Body Awareness Training

The training is for people wanting to become fully trained therapists with a career in massage bodywork, and also for people who want a deep experience of self exploration. Here is a full explanation of the technique of Rebalancing Massage.

Who is this Training for?

  1. Those who are looking for a complete and solid foundation to begin a career as a Rebalancing Practitioner.
  2. Masseurs and Therapists wishing to extend their skills.
  3. Those wishing to experience a process of self discovery, wishing to learn the art of touch and meditation with others who share similar aims.

Training Topics: The 10 Session System

This is a systematic approach which works on the whole body on different areas.