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Advanced Therapist Training Rebalancing and Yoga

At Shendojo, 23948 Stellshagen. 23.-27. Oct. 2024
Price: 500 €

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Fasciae tell the story of connectedness in life. They connect organs and structures in the body and through mindful touch they connect people with each other. They keep us upright in our movement and reflect our connection with the spiritual.

Rebalancing Bodywork offers great wisdom through decades of experience in freeing the fasciae from rigid patterns. In this course we will combine techniques from rebalancing and yoga and significantly expand our view of how to work with the body’s fascia.

Contents of the Course:

This training is an invitation to get to know new possibilities of fascia bodywork and to apply them in everyday practice. The main orientation will be the combination of fascia massage ( deep tissue massage ) with active and passive stretches.

Course objectives

The participants:

Who is it for?

This course is for bodywork therapists who want to go deeper in their understanding and work techniques.

The addition of yoga teachings adds a unique and very effective dimension to this work.

Experience as a bodyworker, massage therapist, and/or Craniosacral therapist is needed.


The Advanced Training with Neeten lasts 5 days, and costs €500. Accommodation is booked separately. If assistance is needed to arrange for accommodation, phone or email Neeten.

Info and Registration:

Neeten: (+49) 174 763 8603 Phone and WhatsApp. Or use the Online Form here »

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