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Become a Rebalancing Bodyworker.

What is Rebalancing Bodywork

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Body Psychotherapy (Neo-Reichian Bodywork) August 9-11 2024
Advanced Therapist Training
Rebalancing and Yoga (23.-27. Oct. 2024)

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Salila: (+49) 160 1529 189
Fon (+49) 174 763 8603

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"Rebalancing places much emphasis on the practitioner’s capacity to stay in the presence and stillness at all times through the session. And it is just because of this emphasis on the presence and stillness that touching becomes a dance, and massage becomes a prayer…" ~Howard, graduate from Taiwan


Rebalancing bodywork combines body awareness work and deep tissue massage, and is a synthesis of deep and soft connective tissue manipulation, joint release, energy and breath work, body reading, body awareness training, as well as emotions and their expression. The focus of the work is to bring people back into harmony with themselves, so they can live their essence from a balanced place in their body and being.

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The Rebalancing Bodywork Training is a self-transformational process, as well as a professional training in holistic bodywork. The training covers systematically freeing the body from tensions and constrictions, allowing the body to reorganize itself, the Neo Reichian Bodywork approach, awareness in movement, and deepening communication strategies while continuing to work with touch and completing the 10 session format. It is led in a loving and accepting atmosphere.

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Advanced Trainings

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The Rebalancing Team, Salila Fuchs and Neeten Hendrich (the Rebalancing Institute) are a team with 52 years of therapeutic bodywork teaching experience between them, and they bring humor, depth of knowledge of not only the teaching material, but of the life transforming power of the work as well.

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About 450 students have graduated from our training, and most of them are making their living from Rebalancing Sessions.

Stellshagen Events

These events happen in:
Tagungshaus Gutshaus Stellshagen, Lindenstr. 1, 23948 Stellshagen.

They cover the following material: Rebalancing bodywork and the power of conscious touch. With Manfred Hendrich and the TAO Gesundheits Team.

09.03.2024 at 20:00,
20.04.2024 at 20:00,
25.05.2024 at 20:00,
29.06.2024 at 20:00,
27.07.2024 at 20:00,
24.08.2024 at 20:00,
21.09.2024 at 20:00,
19.10.2024 at 20:00,
16.11.2024 at 20:00,
14.12.2024 at 20:00,

For further inquiries phone +49 174 763 8603.

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Europe Rebalancing Training Dates

August 23 - 27, 2024, 5 day workshop Rebalancing Berlin, Stresemannstr.21

OSTSEE ( Stellshagen)
November 20 - 24 , 2024,
5 day workshop Rebalancing, near the BALTIC SEA, North Germany

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Advanced Trainings

Body Psychotherapy (Neo-Reichian Bodywork)
August 9-11 2024

Advanced Rebalancing and Yoga
23.-27. Oct. 2024


Taiwan Training Dates

Level 1. 03.-07.07.2024
10.-14.Juli 2024
Level 2. 20.-24.Juli 2024
27.-31.Juli 2024
Level 3. 08.-12.Jan 2025
15.-19.Jan 2025

Kontakt Nancy, 專線:00886 934 031 389
E-mail :

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