Rebalancing Fascia Massage Training

with Salila Fuchs, Manfred Hendrich.
The next training starts May, 2024.

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About the Training

Fascia is one of a multimembered group of connective tissues, a continous 3 dimensional system throughout our body. It is an organ of support. It is wrapped around all muscles, bones, joints and organs, holding everything in place. Fascia affects structure, increases flexibility and fluidity, and opens energy.

The teaching in this training is clear, non serious, but requiring each participant to contact their depth to bring everything they have to the work. It's intense, and intensely rewarding.


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€250 per weekend.



The Berlin Training will be held at the Osteopatisches Zentrum
Stresemannstr. 21, 10963 Berlin. [map].

The venue will be announced later.

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What You'll Learn

In Module 1 of our Rebalancing Fascia Massage Training we will learn the first 3 sessions of a 10 session system, which very effectively works on our fascia system and the muscles. This concept of consecutive treatments , which we have been teaching since 1996 in our Rebalancing Fascia Trainings, show a very high positive result.
By releasing the main tensions of gummed up fascia, which causes pain in the body, plus body reading and a deep understanding of structure and emotional armoring, we can bring back flexibility and viltality.

We will be working with different methods of massage techniques:

  1. Soft and deep connective tissue and fascia manipulation.
  2. Joint Release.
  3. Breath and Energy Work
  4. Cranio Sacral Bodywork
  5. Reichian Bodywork
  6. Body Awareness Training

The core understanding of Rebalancing is a meditative presence of the session giver, and a deep, yet conscious touch.

Training contents in Module 1:

  1. basic techniques: how to do deep strokes
  2. i.e. working with palms, knuckles, fingers, open fist, elbow
  3. opening the body and bringing it back into alignment:
  4. Fascia manipulation on chest, neck, shoulders , back and legs. - - working on diaphragm.
  5. Learning basic elements of joint release :
  6. belly, side set up, and on the back
  7. Introduction into the art of bodyreading, in order to recognise psychological and psychosomatic patterns.
  8. Breathwork and introduction into Neo- Reichian bodywork
  9. Dialogue
  10. Treatment of all superfiscial layers of fascia
  11. preparing the body for treating the core muscles
  12. The art of conscious touch, working from your own inner center.

After completion of Module 1, participants will be able to give a Rebalancing Fascia massage , and can continue with Module 2.

Module 2:

In Module 2 you will learn how to touch and treat deeper layers of muscles in our body.
4 sessions all together.

10 weekends, 200 hours of instruction.

Module 3:

sessions 8, 9, 10 -- Neo- Reichian bodytypes

4 weekends, 10 days, 80 hours of instruction

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Whether you are interested in working professionally as a bodyworker and therapist, or whether you are simply interested in learning how to deeply touch people and share energy, this training is an opportunity to work with two of the most experienced people in Germany in Rebalancing Bodywork. The teachers have been teaching this method since the 1990's, and practicing professionally as well the entire time.

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